Better late than never: a (fantastic) magazine published in June


C Magazine

I’ve edited this magazine over the course of the second semester at uni and with a lot of help from my friends and fellow students and our amazing layouter Karoline, we finally published it on issuu in June. It has one very well with over 350 views so far and now you have the chance to have a look at it as well. Let me know what you think!


Hajj-Journey to the heart of Islam at the British Museum

Photo Credit: © Peter Sanders Photography from the British Museum

How do you curate an exhibition about a spiritual journey? The British museum makes an attempt to portray Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, that very Muslim has to undertake at least once in his or her life. Today more than 3 millions Muslims travel to Mecca in Saudi-Arabia every year. Non-Muslims are not allowed to take part in this massive event and for this reason alone; the exhibition is an opportunity to take upon the journey into a different culture. As early as in 1853 Non-Muslims sneaked in and observed the tradition and mysteries evolving around the Journey to God.

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Beauty Industry Secrets

We are constantly surrounded by unreal pictures of women and men’s body’s and although most people are aware of it somehow, it never hurts to draw attention again to the daily alteration of advertisements and magazine pictures to help us keep in mind that we could as well take a Barbie as our Body Ideal if we take models’ bodies as our goal.



Hipster Culture in Berlin

Unfortunately this video is in german, so only part of my readership can enjoy the hilariousness of it! It seems to me that Hipster culture is a little bit on the decline in London although Brick Lane still sort of remains the epicenter of it. From all the  urban subcultures out there:  metals, punks, emos or Hip-Hop(ers) they seem to create the strongest sense of resentment and urge to make fun of them  (well maybe apart from emos). Maybe it’s because they constantly elevate themselves upon others? I know that they can be annoying sometimes but there are also many like able things about them.

Maybe that’s, and I have to admit that,  because I like  engaging  in “hipstery”activities sometimes as well: hanging out in small (independant) coffeeshops, sometimes walking an extra few blocks just to avoid Starbucks and Cafe Nero and even going over the top by pulling out a notebook and making  a (sad) attempt to write a poem. I hear you laughing, but it just relaxes me.

I also like independent movies and artsy films (that I sometimes never really understand) and giving examples from “literature” books. The difference, I guess is that I don’t sneer at someone for liking Coldplay and I am willing to explain the plot of a film instead of going on about how original the director’s attempt was to tackle the difficult topic of violence within the family when I realize that the person sitting across from me hasn’t seen the film.

It’s probably just the pretentiousness: challenge a Hipster to explain what he personally felt  and thought of the unknown artists’ exhibition. Sometimes it’s just sad how difficult it  for someone  apparently so “intellectucal” to have his or her own opinion. (and hiding behind: “original”, “moving”  or “different” doesn’t count)

You could say that I like Hipster as a decoration in the coffeeshops I hang out and in the galleries I visit but as an interesting conversational partner? Nahhh….

What do you think? Are Hipsters annoying? Do you have yourself a little bit of an inner Hipster?