My Kate-Moss-skinny jeans

Kate-Moss-Skinny_jeans Skinny jeans are a misleading name for a piece of clothing that usually does not make you look skinny – unless your are one of the these “stick-women”, we all hate. The popularity of jeans was somewhat always a little bit of a mystery to me: apart from the new jeggings, they are not particularly comfortable, torturous to buy (who hasn’t despaired in front of an evil changing room mirror, floor covered in jeans that all have the wrong fit, colour or price) and compared to other trousers or skirts they are often quite expensive. Yes, they never go out of fashion but this is only because everybody wears them, which makes them probably the most boring fashion-item of the century. They are not particularly good for the environment either. The manufacturing process requires volcanic pumice stones  have to be mined and shipped all over the world and hundreds of litres of water  are used for the “washed out” look.  Apparently, the Levi’s plant outside El Paso, TX, uses 15% of the city’s water supply and this is just one plant. As if that’s not enough the dye used for denim is also highly toxic. All of this for item of clothing that often didn’t even last me for a year?

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Androgynous Fashion: Boyfriend look without boyfriend

Boyfriend Look

The gem of my closet: a men’s Cerutti 1881 suit jacket that I found on a fleamarket in Paris.

Androgynous style has been there for a while. Coco Chanel already tailored men’s jackets to suit her, more recently Katie Holmes walked around with men’s jeans and even more recently unisex models like Andrej Pejic confused catwalk audiences all over the world.

My body is definitely more on the feminine  side yet I often find myself drawn to wrapping it in men’s clothes. They are often of better quality and made to last longer than women’s clothes.There are more classics to choose from because men’s fashion doesn’t invent itself every two seconds like women’s fashion does.

But as a single girl is it such a good idea to actually own clothes made for the opposite sex? Sloppy T-shirts and baggy jeans will hardly seem attractive to men, who tend to think that you a) are actually wearing your boyfriend’s clothes or b) you want to be one of the “guys”. Compliments generally come from men who are gay and planning their wardrobe and straight guys don’t even find the advantage that I could lend them my men’s shirt convincing. (“I can’t wear the same shirt you are wearing all the time”. “But it is a MEN’s shirt”)

men's jacket

I love the clean fit.

men's shoes

Marc O’Polo shoes


Detail: collar

Not that this has bothered me too much. My collection has progressed to a complete Outfit with men’s trousers, shirt (2), shoes (2), watch and even a mock men’s boxershorts from American Apparel but I am still single, so don’t listen to me.

However if you’re just interested in looking good in men’s clothes, here are my recommendations:

It’s important to balance the look with feminine accessories and choose only things that fit your body shape to some degree (Since I realised that boyfriend jeans don’t look good on people with short and thick legs like me, they’ve disappeared in the darkest corner of my closet only to be used for wall-painting). The boyfriend should look a little bit oversized but don’t exaggerate. If you look like you have to borrow your overweight uncle’s clothes, you went too far. Vintage shops and flea markets are usually a good idea: they often have amazing quality clothing.


worn with a red dress in front of our blue door.


Blouse: H&M

Leather Shorts: Vintage

Top: Vintage

Boots: paul green

bag: market in Verona 

It’s been a while since my last Outfit-Post but I thought I’d share this Outfit, I wore to visit a friend’s fashion boutique in Hallein – small town, just outside of Salzburg. While Salzburg is clearly the mainstream tourist magnet in the area, Hallein has an edgier feel to it and a few decent places to have a coffee and some amazing ice-cream. Check back for a full interview with the owner and much requested styling tips for men.


If you know me on facebook or have given my blog, the honour of  a Like on facebook (if you haven’t like it now), you already know that I started an internship at Net Media Planet, an online marketing agency. It’s been a great experience so far and I’ve learnt all sorts of things about Google (world domination will be mine :-)), writing for the web and how to make money off  websites. The internship was the first time that I was confronted with the challenge to dress for an office job. Luckily Net Media Planet does not have an overly strict dress code, but everybody pays attention to look decent.

I haven’t taken pictures every day but here are two of my Outfits.

Outfit 1

dress: Zara

coat: Desigual (I particularly like the buttons on this coat. I think I haven’t shown it on the blog yet)

shoes:(black ballet flats) Max shoes

Outfit 2

shirt: Vintage

Blazer: Vintage

legging: Uniqulo

shoes: Max shoes

earrings: Boots

Fashion Extremists

Why Fashion is unsexy

How can you tell that you are too much into fashion? What is the point where you realise that looking pretty has long slipped your fashion conciousness and that you have joined the ranks of these weird people, who seem to constantly think of yet another extravagant Outfit to grab everybody’s attention (BryanBoy) or who think anything below straight-off-the Catwalk is boring (Anna dello Russo) or who converted to their own uniformism (Karl Lagerfeld)?

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Studded Gloves::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I’ve been thinking about these gloves from Beyond Retro forever. I finally bought them two weeks ago and now it seems as if spring has arrived and I won’t need them until next winter -_-. But they’re fabulous anyway…

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Leather sleeves

The other dress I bought at my Topshop bargain spree in January. The leather gloves make it quite warm and the perfect going out dress for winter. I’ve also worn it during the day, so I would say it works fine as a Day Outfit. So far I’ve got two compliments from gay men, which are the only compliments alongside compliments from close girlfriends I trust ;-)….

…worn with necklace from Camden market and Max shoes and leather leggings from a boutique in New York.

Photo Credit: Tim

Topshop Bargain: studded dress

In the End-Sale of the Final Sale of the season (a rack of mixed clothes in the farthest corner of Topshop on Oxford Circus) I pulled out this studded beauty for 30 instead of 150 pounds. Can’t believe that I was lucky enough to have found it in my size. I’ve worn it with my leather jacket from New York in this picture but also wore it with a black sweater to make it more of an everyday Outfit.

dress: Topshop

jacket: New York, Orchard Street

shoes: Bronx

Thanks to Tim for the beautiful photo.

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Art Gallery Outfit

This is what I would wear for job as a gallery assistant/art-pr executive or art journalist. Actually, I already walk around like this, but don’t they say: “dress for the job, you would like to have?” :-)

shirt: Monki

Blazer: H&M

trousers: Monsoon

necklace: fleamarket in New York

shoes: boutique in Vienna

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