Outfits that Carrie Bradshaw would like too

No series to this day, has managed to be as fashion-forward as Sex and the City.  Even, long after the last series, I found myself, picking up a piece of clothing, thinking if Carrie would wear it. Time has moved on and my style has (sadly?) become down to earth and “grown-up” – and more black and grey. One of my friend recently even pointed out that I’ve become much “more elegant and far less crazy”. Gone are the days, when I spent hours going through mountains of vintage clothing and at designer markets. I still have hope that they’ll return somehow when al the essays and exams are written but until then, I thought it was time for a little collection of my best Carrie-Outfits. Which is your favourite?

IMG_5069IMG_5851OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_0556IMG_5036Carrie Outfitcarrie.preview

Not quite as stylish as Carrie in the film but at least the colours are similar.IMG_3545Carrie_red scarf41505c1fff5c12185e3362655f49e0a3Carrie dressSeason-SixCarrie-dots-outfitIMG_3210Carrie skirtCarrie Outfit

Photo Credit: HBO

Photo Credit: HBO


Photo Credit: HBO

Photo Credit: HBO

Newspaper dress

Newspaper dress


Things I hate about other women*

1) “My boyfriend thinks” “my boyfriend says”, my boyfriend always does” – please get your own opinion.

2) Talking about what food is healthy and how much fat  or calories something contains. – I don’t care and I am going to eat it anyway.

3) Talking about period symptoms –  why some women think that this is even remotely interesting, will always remain a mystery to me.

4) “Unconsciously” flirting with someone else’s boyfriend and then denying it. We all know where the line between “friendly” and “flirty” is. Stay on the right side.

5) “I-am-soooo-incredibly-sexy-dressing” – Keep your pop-star-stage-outfits at home and please note that what may work for Beyonce on stage does not make you look sexier in  real life. If men want to see someone dressed as a lap-dance-girl they can pay for it.

6) “You know, the girl with the red hair, who is the sister of … and went to this uni” – I don’t know her and I don’t care.

7) “Ahhh Aurelia, HOW have you been. I have not seen you in ages….” hug, kiss, kiss. let’s take a photo together – Cheeeeese. – We said “hi” in the hallway once. I. do.not. know. you.

8) Facebook pictures that are close-ups of someone’s cleavage who does not have boobs in real life.

9)  Photos of girls with hashtags/tags on Instagram/Twitter that read like the description of a porn star/ lap-dancer.

10) Constant complaining about men: We all complain about the opposite sex once in a while but if there is nothing good about men, maybe you should rethink your sexual orientation.

*that I sometimes commit myself :-)

Frieze London 2012 in pictures

Once a year the art crowd flocks to London for the ‘London Fashion Week’ for galleries, collectors, artists and nobobodies like me, who take an interest in art. This is my second year of Frieze and I already feel much more comfortable with the process that comes with it: queuing in front of the wood-box-box-office, which looks like a bad installation in itself, getting into a chat with an artist, who is disappointed that I am not a millionaire-art collector and the ridiculous bag-search to make sure you don’t carry any black paint for spontaneous vandalizations.

But once you have splurged a week’s grocery shop on a ticket and entered the holy plastic tents, the fun starts. Endless gallery stalls with important names stretch along the neon-lit corridors and display everything and everybody that matters in art at the moment. You can get into a nauseated by the observation of a photo collage about a performance featuring mustard, ketchup sausages and a human penis (not photographed, because I am nice),  be impressed by a Keith Haring -esque ‘monument’ (picture 2), gain some life-guidance (3) or soothe your eyes with the bluest of blue (4 and 5).


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Pointless lists

I like lists. To-do lists, fact-lists, top-10 lists, lists of things you have to do before you die. Here are a few of my rather pointless lists.

Things I like about London

1) the pubs

2) Naan bread in supermarkets

3) the fact that they put stuffing in sandwiches

4) that you can buy a big bunch of flowers on one of the markets for less than £1.50

5) the parks (favourites: Hamsted Heath, Victoria Park, Regent’s Park, Battersea Park)

6) how London looks when the sun comes out after the rain

7)the growing coffee-shop culture (favourites: shoreditch grind, fix, coffee-cart, benugo)

8) the galleries in East London

9) Regent’s Canal

10) Cyder, Cidre, Cider or whatever you want to call it

11) the bookshop in Somerset house

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Better late than never: a (fantastic) magazine published in June


C Magazine

I’ve edited this magazine over the course of the second semester at uni and with a lot of help from my friends and fellow students and our amazing layouter Karoline, we finally published it on issuu in June. It has one very well with over 350 views so far and now you have the chance to have a look at it as well. Let me know what you think!


Travel Diary: Glam-Interrail in Italy

Italy, the land of ‘la dolce vita’,  cappuccinos, hundreds of churches and good looking men, who walk down streets shouting ‘ciao bella’ after girls. I’ve always wanted to go but despite having grown up more or less right next to it (in Austria), I’ve never had the time to do it. But this summer I set aside a full week to take in the most important cities of North Italy and all their museums. Naturally, my best friend had to come along for this epic girl-trip. So we packed our trolleys (not backpacks) and some lipstick (instead of a gas cooker) and got  on the train.

Day 1:

We take the night train from Salzburg the Venice. Thanks to my ability to sleep anywhere and at any time I awake fully relaxed to the gleaming sun of the ‘sinking city’. With the Vaporetto (public transport boats)  we go to a different island to check in at our hostel. Exploring the city in the worst midday heat, we learn our first Italian lesson: siesta is an indispensable part of surviving as a tourist. But the San Marco Dome and the many beautiful alleys compensate for the long walks in the sun. I also get to see  the Accademia but the exhibition is a little bit  of adisappointment. We have a surprisingly affordable pizza next to a canal and go to sleep early.

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Power Fashion: how to dress for politics

Valérie Trierweiler perfectly pulled off, the french chic when her partner, François Hollande was sworn in as the new president of la grande Nation. Although her role as France’s First Lady might be interpreted a little bit different by a woman, who describes her life to have been built “on independence” and not set out to support the man on her side, at least from a fashion point of view we won’t be disappointed.

Dressing for politics is probably the most difficult discipline of fashion. The dress-code is very restrictive: it has to be professional first of all but should also have a hint of sensuality and be feminine. But Valérie Trierweiler wouldn’t have to look for long should she need some Photo Credit: style inspiration. There are a couple of ( yet not enough) very well dressed female politicians adorning parliaments around the world.

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If you know me on facebook or have given my blog, the honour of  a Like on facebook (if you haven’t like it now), you already know that I started an internship at Net Media Planet, an online marketing agency. It’s been a great experience so far and I’ve learnt all sorts of things about Google (world domination will be mine :-)), writing for the web and how to make money off  websites. The internship was the first time that I was confronted with the challenge to dress for an office job. Luckily Net Media Planet does not have an overly strict dress code, but everybody pays attention to look decent.

I haven’t taken pictures every day but here are two of my Outfits.

Outfit 1

dress: Zara

coat: Desigual (I particularly like the buttons on this coat. I think I haven’t shown it on the blog yet)

shoes:(black ballet flats) Max shoes

Outfit 2

shirt: Vintage

Blazer: Vintage

legging: Uniqulo

shoes: Max shoes

earrings: Boots