Outfit: Leather skirts over dresses

A while back I posted these photos of an Alexander Wang collection because I thought it was cool idea but I never actually got round to wear the combo myself. Well until this week, the top is actually a dress from Mango, which I’ve had for ages but it looks great as top with this fake leather skirt, also from Mango. The look is definitely office or meeting appropriate but far from boring. 

Here I’ve worn it with pointy brogues and accessorised with golden jewelry to match the gold skirt’s zip in the same colour. I’ve also worn a lipstick in the dress’s colour, so it’s all a bit matchy-matchy but I guess it doesn’t matter too much. I think I’ll try this combination with other dresses too. It’s really simple and gives old dresses an instant update. Continue reading

Outfit: Lanvin T-shirt and Jeans

I am so not a jeans-and-T-shirt girl but if it (the T-shirt) comes with glitter and pearls, I am easily convinced. It’s from the Lanvin for H&M collection, which launched a couple of years ago. I’ve worn it more as a dress in the past but I thought for getting my dissertation printed and grabbing  a coffee on a Saturday morning it looks best if worn over simple blue jeans. This way, the only skirt that gets blown away by the London wind is the little tulle skirt over the legs on the T-shirt.

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Outfit: Vogue Inspiration

The other day I saw this long skirt & shirt combination in Vogue and thought I’d try it. I love this sheer blue skirt from American Apparel but  I have to admit that I don’t wear it too often because it’s a bit hard to find an occasion: not really practical for uni, too dressy for a casual coffee and too elegant for a bar (depends on the bar but I am not really the kind of girl who goes to swanky bars all the time). I wore it to dinner at Cay Tre, a Vietnamese Restaurant on Old Street.

2014-05-10 17.51.47image[1]The Vogue version is more bold than mine but that might not necessarily be bad thing. I think the outfit definitely needs heels unless you are very tall as long skirts make you look even shorter than you actually are. In the summer,  I’ll definitely  wear them with brown strappy sandals.

skirt: American Apparel

shoes: Hallhuber

shirt: H&M

bag: Italy

Outfit: Jeans and Pearls


I bought this jeans-shirt last year at Spitalfield Market last year. It’s a jeans-shirt on the front with a fine knit white panel at the back, but it’s not easy to wear. The easiest option is probably to wear it with fake leather leggings and ballerina flats, or here with trousers-that-look -like-jogging-pants. I’ve accessorised it with a long pearl necklace, which works surprisingly well.

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Outfit: Dresses and Leather Jackets

IMG_4884There is only one place to spend this pitch-perfect London spring: the park! For a quick post-study ( I am preparing for my final exams) visit to Bethnal Green Park, I threw a black leather jacket over my nice white dress and put on my silly white sunglasses. Leather jackets are a great addition to summer dresses as they avoid this ‘cute’ girl look.

I also wore  fashion jewelry earrings from Deco Art, a little shop in Salzburg (where I am from). The FT even described it as “one of the best shops in Europe” so if you are there, have a look around.  The earrings are from the 20s and are made from some kind of high quality plastic that isn’t produced anymore. The ‘pearly’ bit in the middle is actually from a shell. I think they are a great eye-catcher that can be worn casually but also to work or more formal events. Girls of our generation probably all love fashion/costume jewelry. Especially with big earrings and necklaces seen all over the place. Who would be able to afford real stones of that size? But the problem with fashion jewelry bought at H&M and Co. is  that they are cheaply made. The colour comes off and sometimes the designs are extremely unoriginal.

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Outfit: Rainy Days

Last Thursday it rained non-stop in London, which was – despite the stereotype- unusual for the period of good weather lately. So, what to wear?IMG_4857These leggings from Relax Garden, a small boutique in Shoreditch, are just amazing. They are slightly thicker than normal leggings and keep you warm. They also make an outfit instantly look better. If the sky is grey, I like to wear something colourful like this red shirt-dress and that’s also why I bought this red umbrella (from Mango).

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Outfit: One Dress, Two Looks


I don’t know how you feel about American Apparel, but aside from their employee-sexually harassing CEO, their policy of selling basics and hardly changing their collections makes it harder to buy from them. I thought about buying this dress for a year before actually doing it, as I knew I could buy it any time. The good thing about this is that you have enough time to emotionally prepare yourself for their sizes. This dress is the largest size they had and as you can see it is still relatively tight.  Otherwise, the quality is good, it’s versatile and of course their sweat-shop free policy is good for the conscience. It’s a great dress for going out in winter because you don’t need to wear a jacket over it inside, but it’s sexy with its figure hugging cut and showing some back.

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Outfit: off-white shirt with statement necklance

IMG_4746Those who have been following this blog on and off know that I like thinking of my wardrobe in terms of price-per-wear. As a student with a tight budget and a small closet it’s  a priority to invest into versatile pieces that you can wear on many occasions. This is why, pieces with a low price per wear are perfect. It means if I’s spent £25 on this top and worn it 25 times. It’s just £1 per wear.  This top from H&M probably has an even lower price per wear.  You can easily wear it in a professional context with smart trousers or as a more casual outfit with jeans on the weekend. Accessories make this Outfit interesting.


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