A lanvin themed subway stop, poor manufacture and a shirt later…

I went to the Community night of the university of economics at Ride Club yesterday and got to H&M just 10 minutes before 9 (they opened at nine). Was no big problem because meantime-gre was already there. And I even got a bracelet for 11 am, which is really good comapred to the Jimmy Choo collection last year where I arrived at 7 and didn’t get a bracelet at all! It was really suprisingly calm. Maybe that’s also got something to do with the possibilty to shop online between 8 and 8:15. And of course it is also the bracelet thingy, which is actually pretty smart of H&M. The first people in line get a bracelet for 9 am and every ten minutes a new bracelet group is let in. This way it doesn’t end up in a fight.

One problem solved but there are still plenty more with H&Ms designer collections. First of all the quality is a really big issue (this time): the sewing isn’t done properly at all! (see picture) some dresses already dissolved themselves.

One of the tempations of designer clothes is is the high quality of the manufacture as well as precious fabrics and perfection in every little detail. H&M designer collections have never lived up to the managemnet’s promises to produce quality above their usual standards. That’s why the big demand still surprises me every time. A lanvin dress and an H&M Lanvin dress are worlds apart…

And the secod big problem was actually shown -very ironic- in H&Ms very own Lanvin commercial: the scene in which two women with the same dress run into each other and both speech bubbles are saying „Oh my God“. H&M is the 21st century (teenage and tweens) mass uniform whereas designer labels are more exclusive and the risk of running into someone wearing the same Outfit is relatively low. And we are willing to pay a high price to be as individual as possible.

But the commercial is great!  I got to enjoy it a lot today, because the subway stop Stephansplatz seemed to be turned into a gigantic Lanvin commercial. It was projected everywehre. Even the news on the news screen was fashion themed. I certainly wouldn’t mind if they would keep it like that. Only fashion news from now on! There is a fashion avenue in nyc, so why not have a fashion subway stop in Vienna?


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