The September Issue

I am sure some of you have seen “The devil wears Prada” and I am sure some of you know Anna Wintour. So while it’s not difficult to figure out that Lauren Weisberger’s novel describes more or less her own experience as Anna Wintours assistent (not officially of course) not a lot of people know about the movie “The september issue”, which is a response to all the inquiries if Anna Wintour is really like Meryl Streep in the movie. The movie is a documentary about the work on the september issue 2007 of the american Vogue. I just watched it recently and I think it really gives an interesting insight behind the scenes of supposedly the most powerful force in the fashion industry. Especially interesting is Anna Wintours influence on the choice fashion labels and companies like Mango have to make: Almost everybody seems to ask her for her opinion and recommendation if a new position is to be occupied. Also, the developement of the photo series is fascinating from the financial aspect to the creative aspect. 

After watching the movie I went through some of my old Vogue issues and discovered that I actually own the september issue 2007 of the american Vogue. It’s a totally different feeling to flip through the pages with the background information of the production. Out of 3 photo series Anna choose this one? I got all excited about it…and Sienna Miller’s Make up…. I know, I have to practice a little bit more for the details but it’s a start….



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