The Future of Fashion and Drawing Fashion

Exhibtion of the MA Fashion Design graduates from Central Saint Martins

During my little Semi-vacation in London a few days ago I’ve done a lot of fashion related stuff. I’ve done a Backstage-Story on Bernard Chadran for schaufenster, die presse (check it out at I did some Streetstyle shoots (also on I went to the exhibition “Drawing Fashion” at the Design museum (I’ll get to that later) and I also got the see the little exhibition “The future of fashion” in the the St. Martins Courtyard. These are creations by the MA Fashion Design class at Central Saint Martins. one of the most prestigious Fashion Design Universities in the world. 


I love these hats!

As I mentioned before I also went to the exhibition “Drawing Fashion” at the Design museum. It was a very well curated exhibtion showing the beginnings of Fashion Illustration, when Fashion Illustrators was much needed since every Magazine Cover and also the content needed to be drawn until today. Fashion illustration back at the beginning of the last century was already a huge facilitation given that people travelled around with full-size-dress-up dolls to show the latest fashion. Fashion Illustration started to decline in 1930 when Vogue started taking photographs.

Today only few can survive solely on this craft. Many designers are not even very talented drawers at all – in times of excellent computer programs it has become obsolete being able to draw fashion.

But the exhibition shows quite clearly the difference between photography and drawings in terms of fashion. A photo is not able to communicate this certain aura, the atmosphere and  the story behind a piece of clothing as drawing can. The exhibition also portrays very well the major movements in fashion in the past century: Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Comme de Garçons … are all represented. There were

were also some old Vogue and other fashion magazines covers on view. If you have the chance to see it, I can definitely recommend it!


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