Gareth Pugh Fall/Winter 2012

This is my discovery from Paris Fashion Week : Gareth Pugh  (well he was discovered by Anna Wintour and Kylie Minougue before me, but you can take this as a reference that he really is great). He uses a lot of black and leather in his collections and experiments a lot with ”nonsensically shaped wearable sculptures”, which is exactly my style. I am going to have a lecture in “modern sculpture” this semester and I am so looking forward to it! Let’s see if it helps me develope my clothing style as well.

But back to Gareth Pugh. He was born in England and graduated from Central Saint Martins (where else) and he actually started to work as a costume designer when he was 14. Maybe that’s why his collections is so goose-bumpy creative and unconventional. He is sort of following the “fashion is entertainment” credo (like Alexander Mc Queen)  doing movies instead of catwalk shows for the past few collections now he decided to do a catwalk show again. Apparently it is hard for him to actually sell his clothes  (maybe because people are so boring) but his collections have been well received by the critics.

In this collection he showed an incredible eye-make up using metallic foil or something like that and used more color than before Gold, Blue and still lots of black.

What do you think? Do you like the clothes? Do you think one could possibly wear them in everyday life?

Check out more: 


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