The style rookie getting tired of fashion?

Remember Tavi? The thirteen year-old crazily successful blogger from Chicago (not from New York, as some strange rumor), who sat next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Shows? Her Blog the style rookie will turn three in a few days but Tavis fashion obsession seems to fade a little bit. Impressively she just goes with it saying that she enjoys mixing fashion with other inspiring things like making mixtapes, keeping a diary, doing moodboards etc.. She is confident about the direction she is developing in terms of creativeness.

Before I started reading her Blog regularly, I couldn’t imagine how a thirteen year old girl could be such an inspiration for designers and the fashion world altogether… but I have to say she is, given she is only thirteen or (fourteen by now?) incredible authentic and a true inspirations. Her fashion-obsession is real and springs from a need to express herself creatively through fashion from deep down inside. In my opinion she belongs to one of the Blogger who really do have a creative vision and more diverse access to fashion than other Bloggers, who focus too much an cooperations and ignore the fun and playful aspect of fashion. 
I am looking forward to Tavi’s “new” Blog…


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