Costumes – the other side of Lacroix and Dolce&Gabbana

Nobody really knows where fashion’s boundaries, in the sense of in which part of our life fashion doesn’t reach. The theatre and the opera plays a big role in Vienna’s cultural life and therefore many  talented fashion designers specialize or work in Costume Design. Probably not only because it is a very interesting field but also because it is hard to set-up a successful fashion label in a  city where “intellectuals” traditionally don’t have a high interest in fashion design and it is rather regarded as superficial than art. Today it sometimes seems that theatre directors don’t take a high interest in costumes or the stage setting and costume designs is done by the same person due to financial reasons. This results a lot of times in simple, minimalistic costumes and/or stage setting. But it’s not always the case: 

Famous french fashion designer Christian Lacroix made the costumes for “I capuletti i montecchi” at the munich state opera. He has always taken a high interest in costume design, even doing is Phd paper in costumes in painting from the 18th century and has done costumes for opera and theatre for more than 20 years

Everybody know that his “regular” fashion design are full of phantasy and drama, one can get a hint of his ability as a costume designer. 

“In my opinion, “real” life lacks allure, grandeur and phantasy” Christian Lacroix. This access to fashion also expresses my attitude: it’s all about making life more beautiful, more fantastic, more exciting! I hope I get a chance to see the opera in munich and if not Lacroix will be working for a lot of other productions in Paris , Berlin and Hamburg. 

Dolce&Gabbana don’t design for the opera (or at least not that I know) but they are designing Kylie’s costumes for the “Aphrodite- Les Folies” Tour. I am looking forward to check this out as well! 


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