Books and Films for Spring/Summer 2011

Students tend to read a lot: essays, science books, articles, review lectures… but we hardly ever find time – or at least I never find the time to read the books I like. would even say that I am in the middle of a novel-reading crisis: My book list gets longer and longer and somehow I never start reading. I hope that with summer and lying on the beach and in the park I’ll hopefully finally find time to catch up. 

There are also many movies I’d love to watch, but the dvd rental around the corner seems to only have mainstream Hollywood movies and I am too lazy to find out where I can get these films. Anyway I thought I’ll share my movie and book list with you. If you have other suggestions please leave a comment!


  • Der Schüler Gerber/ The pupil Gerber  – Friedrich Torberg (I am just freely translating, the actual english title might be different)
  • Narziss und Goldmund/ Daffodil and golden mouth-  Hermann Hesse
  • Die Tiger Mutter/ Tiger Mom Amy Chua
  • Putze-Mein Leben im Dreck/Le quai de Ouistreham – Flaurence Aubenas
  • (eventuell auch: Die Leiden einer jungen Kassiererin – Anna Sam)
  • An ideal husband – Oscar Wilde
  • Phrases and Philosophies for the young (Essay) – Oscar Wilde
  • Nineteen- Eighty- Four George Orwell
  • Animal Farm – George Orwell


  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Lagerfeld Confidential
  • Zimt und Koriander / Cinnamon and coriander
  • Über den Dächern von Nizza/ To Catch a thief
  • We want Sex (Equality) / Made in Dagenham
  • Women without men
  • Belle de jour
  • Pulp fiction
  • Willkommen bei den Schi’its
  • Tag und Nacht/ Day and Night
  • Entre les murs

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