Jewelry that I like

Unlike most girls and women I am not really that much into jewelry. Part of it is probably that I generally, with very few exceptions think that any jewelry that is not real just doesn’t look good. I am also not treating jewelry very gentle: and anything that just looks like or silver gold will turn into that strange rusty color soon. So as I am not exactly rich and typically can’t afford beautiful, real jewelry I just don’t wear it. 

In addition to that I am very picky with jewelry anyway: not too bling, bling, not too shiny and I hate “cute” jewelry with things like cupcakes, shoes, hearts… 

BUT I’ve been blown away with these accessories shown in Vogue April: it’s very 20ies, very elegant, real brilliants and onyx and very expensive of course.

I also love the bracelets in this jewelry special from the same issue.

Apart from black onyx and sparkling diamonds I also like jewelry that doesn’t look like typical jewelry: keys, bullet casings, whistles… and I really like all types of watches and fob watches.

 …like this fob watch from Urban Outfitters, which has a little window on the backside, so you can see the inside clockwork too. (the problem is that it is not real gold of course and it already looks sort of rusty.)

Another jewelry designer I really like is Aurélie Bidermann. First of all we have a similar name, but she’s also a very creative and innovative designer. This bracelet is lace dipped in gold! She is a french designer and started her career with a masters degree in art history at Sotheby’s before she decided to design her own work. She’s very  successful now, being sold at Barney’s in NY and at Colette in Paris. She also has numerous stores: there’s even one in Vienna @ Sterngasse 4.

..and there’s of course Dior’s beautiful jewelry designed by victoire de Castellane. Her inspiration are fake things but it is real jewelry of course. 


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