Hats and princesses

This was my favourite hat by far. I will so try to do a do-it-yourself-imitation.

Ah William& Kate, …. what’s the best part about the royal wedding?

The wedding dress?

The love story behind it?

The sheer amount of people watching?

The hats?

I can’t really say what exactly is so fascinating about this event. I mean I love princesses, I love the glamour, I love London, I love weddings, wedding gowns and I love hats. There’s clearly a lot speaking for this event. But if I am honest it’s hard to not read every single article and go through hundreds of pictures from the wedding even though I actually watched it live on TV anyway. But considering that hundreds of people camped in the streets just to see it I probably don’t have to feel bad.

Below a few pictures that are sort of randomly related to this hats, princess, wedding complex….

Spanish princess

Similarity between Grace Kellys and Kates dress

The Danish princess Maxima

Lady Diana’s wedding


Some people apparently go a little too Freud with this hat, describing it as the “vagina” hat. Looks more like an Easter egg to me.


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