Camilla Morton

So as much as I say fashion is not superficial and that there’s so much more to it than just someone being vain and zise-zero-models….fashion is mostly about Looks and few people can really produce great writing and commenting about fashion. Camilla Morton is not only a good fashion journalist, she also writes funny and adorable books.

She is a very important character in my life even though I don’t know her. I remember when I was 15 or 16, something like that I went into a book store and a pink book immediately caught my eye. The title said “Wie man unfallfrei in High-Heels eine Glühbirne auswechselt” and I thought that this would finally be a how-to-guide that really helps. I reread this book frequently, not really so seek advice but just because of her funny, straightforward style. But if you do seek advice on virtually anything form buying a house, to throwing a dinner party, getting ready in five minutes and to deal with heart affairs: Camilla knows how. Everyone, who likes High Heels and a busy life should have this book at home. 

So much for her first book: then the second book “A girl for all seasons” or “Year in High heels” (paperback version) was published. And as much as I love Camilla I have to say it is not as brilliant as the first. It’s sort of a calendar filled with inspiration on what literature to read, famous characters and historical personalities one should know and how to survive Valentine’s day alone. 

Her most recent book is Fairy Tale! (A fashion fairy tale, of course). Would probably make a perfect belated easter gift for yourself.


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