“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost”

This movie is about/from/based on Pina Bausch, a german choreographer who died in 2009 only five days after being diagnosed with cancer… and it is different from anything I’ve seen dancewise on screen before. Frankly I didn’t really get a lot of information about the movie before I went to watch it – apart from seeing the trailer. And I expected, probably because it is shown everywhere and because it is in 3D and because of Step Up that it would be more or less a mainstream movie. I was wrong.

It is about pain, about love about desperation, fear, freedom all expressed through dancing. It’s really amazing how much you can express just through your body. There are beautiful scenes in Wupperthal, Germany (the center of pina’s work) and in the surrounding region making the performances even more powerful and moving and a very impressive performance piece on stage with water. 

At first I have to say I was not comfortable with 3D and the structure of the movie but the longer it lasted the more I liked it. It still feels a little strange to me that it is in 3D even though the reason why this movie, which was planned a long time, took so long to be made and released was because the director and pina felt that there was no way how to transform the experience of watching this dance performance onto screen in 2D and finally found this way in 3D technology. 

In fact Pina not Hollywood or similar production shot in 3D, exploring the possibilities of this genre and it might just be strange to me because I associate 3D with clown fish and penguins and not really with an emotionally confusing film like this. I still don’t know what exactly I think about this film but I would still recommend it. Gives you something to think about … and  admire.


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