In terms of art we can’t really complain here in Vienna. We have the beautifully and very, very well curated Albertina, which exhibits a lot of modern and contemporary art, the world famous Kunsthistorisches Museum and the museums quartier, one of the biggest museums areals in Europe and many galleries. 

I try to take advantage of being at “the source” as much as I can and I’ve been to the Kunsthistorisches Museum recently and I was totally impressed by the current exhibition of Jan Fabre. He is a multidisciplinary artist from Belgium and presents large drawings entirely made by a BIC-biro titled “The Years of the Hour Blue”. The paintings have been arranged in communication with the permanent exhibition, giving you impulses to think of the “old masters” in a new context. 

What is also very fascinating is the texture Jan Fabre is able to create just with a normal biro. It took me a few minutes to figure out that is actually just a regular writing device he used…

and later on I thought that maybe Jan Fabre can be put in the context of Pop-Art in some way: he elevated the “telephone cribble” to Art. Pop Art elevated daily things to art generally… What do you think?


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