Overall: Forever21 (although I almost regret buying it after this happened)

shoes: Steve Madden

necklaces: fleamarket & Urban Outfitters

sunshades: H&M

I’ve loved the Overall trend for a long time and finally decided to go for it and buy one! It has a flower Print, which makes a slim Look, in my opinion and is from Forever21. Since I consider Overalls not a lasting trend I only “invested” in an inexpensive piece. I am normally really not supporting a “throwing-away-attitude” but sometimes I just know that I’ll only wear something for a season, maximum 2 and I also know how much I still want to wear it. And I have to stay that Overalls are a wonderful summer Outfit: they keep you cool and are easy to style (it’s a one piece after all)

With Overalls I think it is important to 

  1. wear High Heels if it’s a long one, short one can be worn with flats too 
  2. choose a loose fit, otherwise you’ll look like some kind of sausage (I took size Large)
  3. light, flowy and more elegant materials are a Must otherwise there’s the risk of resembling a painter or garbageman/woman/person (this is a politically correct Blog!)
  4. unless the Overall is not tight fitting in the waist or at the hips, wear a belt to give your shape more structure
  5. Overalls are surely not only for slim and flat people. It can work perfectly for curvy women too

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