New Sunshades

Since I haven’t been very experimental with my haircut (see my post somewhere below about this) I thought I’ll be a little more creative with my sunglasses this year. All of them are by H&M and I have to say I am especially into the “Lady Gaga”/Power Ranger sunglasses even though they don’t work so well for romantic Outfits, I usually like to wear during summer. But I love them enough to plan entire Outfits round them (with Blazers, plain shirts ….)  Seriously, I am close to wearing them for clubbing at night too. (If I am not doing any Outfit Posts in the next time, you know why) (because I have a black eye after running into a wall/column/bar/ dangerous gang-guy)

I like to combine the white ones with my white men’s shirt combinations and probably for my denim-shirt combinations (which I have to buy some time soon)

and the Ray-Ban-Aviator-Style is the most boring but you can combine it with so many Outfits and I broke my last one…

.. which is the reason why I don’t invest into expensive sunglasses I tend to loose or break them.

Oh, and the combination Vogue and Die Zeit (a german newspaper) is very appealing too. 


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