A very special Accessoire

I really like watches, watches as necklaces, pocket watches so I am always excited to find a special piece somewhere …this time I found it in a museum. I visited my friend Jana in Graz a few days ago and we discovered in the Museum im Palais a beautiful solar pocket clock. Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures but I found two pictures on google (take into consideration that they’re not as beautiful). Now I am a little obsessing with having a solar pocket watch (Imagine the scene: Someone asks me for the time and I can pull out my solar pocket watch and estimate the time..very stylish…)… but apparently it’s no so easy to find one. There are not really any online shops selling them and they only turn up sometimes on auctions…(and even if they do, they would be way out my price range)

I should probably concentrate more on posting fashion items from net-a-porter I can’t afford like other Blogs, but isn’t it maybe more exciting to post something that’s not available (unless you break into a museum)? 


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