I hate Hangover 2. This is why

sin city las vegas. now sin city bangkok? las vegas might be the city of gambling, prositution, drugs and alcohol but it is also in a western country, where there’s less poverty, (and I believe) less corruption and clubs, alcohol consumption and medical care are more controlled. Bangkok  is not more than a threshold country, where it is probably much more likely to 

1) get horrible diseases from prostitutes

2) see forced prostitution (and no one does something against this. at least not enough)

3) die because of the lack of medical care

4) be a crime victim

5) prison’s in bangkok are even worse than those in the US.

Therefore it is just distaseful to set such a story in this city and in this country. 

But not only this, they also repeat exactly the same plot just making the details a little more disgusting: instead of getting a tooth pulled out (by himself), someone cuts his own finger (and irritatingly no one bothers to attach the finger again) and instead of a female prostitute, this time it is a trans-prostitute and we even get detailed pictures.


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