Stockholm is not an “art-city” like Paris with the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay or New York with the MoMa and the Met but art and design lovers would of course not be bored there at all. The museum I enjoyed the most was the Fotografiska, a museum for photography that opened about a year ago. It is located in a beautiful red-brick building right next to the water. 

Currently there is a retrospective of Robert Mapplethorpe and “Northern women in Chanel” on view. I was very impressed by Robert Mapplethorpe’s photography. He is known for portraying the New York Gay scene in the 80ies. Many of his photos are shocking and very provoking going very much in the direction of pornogrgraphy. But he also photographed flower still lives and female nudes as well as portraits of Patti Smith, Louise Bourgeoise  and Robert Rauschenberg, all of which are very interesting.

Northern women in Chanel shows the beauty of northern women in combination with Chanel collections from the 1920 ies to today set into beautiful scenery. For someone who is into fashion photography (and Chanel) this is heaven..

“The invisible man” by Liu Bolin is a very fascinating exhibition too. He takes pictures of well known places like the Great wall but also scenes from everyday life like a shelf with cans in a supermarket. He then literally paints himself in the picture but camouflaged. He does this so well that it sometimes takes minutes to find him in the picture. The theme behind it is of course less funny than the hide and seek play at first sight. As most of you probably know already, contemporary chinese artist are often censored and oppressed. Famous artist Ai Weiwei was arrested for several months until getting released only a short time ago. Liu Bolin worked with him in the past. 

In addition to this there is also a well-worth-seeing installation “Circle of memory” by Eleanor Coppola and “I want to be close to you”, an exhibition by Jacob Felländer, who merges his photographs of different cities into one piece. Showing the similarities and also the differences. He uses a special analog technique with the end result of “the world on a single multi-exposed negative” as he puts it. Like Felländer I am also fascinated densely populated cities and the life there. It hasn’t been long that more people live in cities than in the countryside like it is the case today. If we take a closer look at New York, London, Paris, Mumbai, Dubai, Shanghai etc. it’s evident that we live and will live even closer together than ever before. Felländer puts “the world” on one negative but that the world lives in big cities on 1 square kilometer is already reality. 

If you go to Stockholm, make sure not to miss this Fotografiska.


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