Copenhagen Fashion Week

Since the weather has mostly given opportunity to stay inside and engage in activities like organizing and expanding my i-tunes library, enlarging my knowledge about fashion and as Sweden and all the other northern countries are still on my mind (I think this is something that could get serious) I stumbled upon Copenhagen Fashion Week. It seems to me that as every city (including even Salzburg) has its own fashion week nowadays there are fashion weeks practically constantly around the year. It’s getting a little more intense now as in september the “big” Fashion weeks will take place and it’s sort of slowly building up ….


I picked these 2 Looks: The first one is by Wackerhaus. I love the gold soles on the shoe. I have  a feeling that gold will be an important color in fashion in the near future. Although I think that gold can work for many pieces of clothing it especially works great on coats…

and the second one by Stine Goya, who studied at Central Saint Martins and used to be Fashion editor at Cover magazine. She started her own label in 2007. I especially like the silver belt…


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