Salzburg Festival Outfit

Summer in Salzburg means Salzburg Festival time and this means LOTS of tourists. While it’s annoying sometimes to sort of shovel your way through the Getreideasse, the main Shopping street here I also enjoy the athmoshere. The performances are considered Top-Notch and every year people from all over the world, who are interested in classical music, the opera, acting … come to Salzburg. Since tickets are very expensive usually more wealthy people attend the events and they are sometimes dressed very glamourous. There are heavily discounted tickets for students and young people in general and a lot of people living in Salzburg have some kind of “trick” to get free tickets ..(like working at the festival or knowing someone who works there ) so contrary to the rumour that the festival is only for the rich it’s actually possible to go there as a “normal” person. Personally I think a beautiful dress enhances the experience and I don’t get some (few) some people seriously show up in jeans…

Anyways, this dress dress is borrowed from my mum (having her closet at my disposal is one of the many amenities of living at home) and I wore it to a piano concert. I associate it again with Black Swan. I have a feeling that the Fashion world or at least myself can’t really get away from this movie…

shoes: Jimmy Choo for H&M


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