My favorite magazines

As some of you might already know, I want to become a journalist. The initial idea to choose this profession was caused by 1) my love for writing and 2) my love for magazines. I store big piles of magazines at home and some of you might be shocked by that- but I’d rather throw away some of my clothes or shoes in order to keep my favorite publications. Over the years my taste in magazines has changed a lot of course ( I still have  lots of Glamour, Joy and Jolie issues  even though I don’t read these magazines any more. I am going to share my favorite magazines here: 

ELLEgirl: was ELLE’s little sister geared towards late-teens and early twenties and it was discontinued in 2006. It was such pity because I loved both the articles and fashion editorials. They did a good job at making magazine for girls, whose interest weren’t limited to what Lindsay Lohan was wearing (back then, she was still cool). I treasure all of my remaining issues. (I couldn’t even find a german cover on the web)

ZEITmagazin: It’s the first thing I read when I get DIE Zeit. I love it for it’s extensive reporting and for Paolo Pellegrin’s beautiful photographs.

GEO: They really get how to capture the spirit of a country or culture and their photography is just stunning. Let alone that they have  very interesting topics.

INDIE magazine: I’ve not read a lot of their issues but they are doing a great job with their fashion editorials.

Z!nk: I bought this for the first time in the US and I really liked the articles about music and the interviews.

VOGUE: I like to read the german Vogue and I think  that they do have nice editorials and interesting interviews. I particularly enjoy their arts and culture calendar but I hate their travel Ressort. To me they only suggest expensive Hotels/ Spas that don’t have any Charme and are more or less alike except that they’re located in a different part of the world.

While I was in the US I also read the US Vogue sometimes. I liked it too but find the huge amount of ads very exhasuting. actually just posted that 527 pages out of 758 pages of this year’s september issue were ads. Although we have to consider that the US Vogue is so influential mostly because of its importance to the industry (and it might be important for industry leaders to know other company’s ads…) this is ridiculous.

ELLE (British): What I like most about the British ELLE is that it actually gives you articles that are well written and numerous.

Time Out New York: I had a subscription to TONY while I was in New York and I think it’s a very useful tool to find out what to do on weekends and most importantly  which places and events are worth going to.  I love their crazy article ideas (like the sticky note confessions, waiting for brunch walks), their I, New York section (sort of street style of “real New yorker” with an interview . The difference from regular street style is that they don’t particularly base their decision on how stylish people are), then their sex columnist Jamie Buffalino and all the angry people criticizing his advice. And of course their TOP-TEN lists. The writing style is laid back and far from being conservative or serious. I still check their webpage regularly.

flair: is Austria’s real Fashion Magazine. I love the articles about fashion and their coverage of the major shows, designer portraits and editorials. However their beauty section is very often awfully boring and they rarely  publish interesting Make-up inspirations.

Wien live: You might be surprised why I include a free magazine here and might even wonder what’s so great about wien live….well considering that this is a free magazine (available at several places across the city) wien live is good at listing events and other stuff happening in Vienna. They have less embarrassing fashion shootings than other free magazines  (of course they aren’t comparable to magazines dedicated to fashion or life style) and interview interesting people. However the magzine’s name is really bad and so are their covers :-(. And compared to other city’s magazines like New York  Mag or TONY it’s boring but then again Vienna is not as exciting as New York so….

active beauty (not shown): And now a magazine published by a drug store company?! I know this may sound weird but again considering that active beauty is more or less for advertising their products, I think it’s pretty good. They could just make plain and boring ads but instead they make an effort ant actually produce nicely written and interesting articled. I mean of course this is not because they’re such nice people, it’s for their own good if people don’t just through the magazine away and actually read it but still…. 


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