Goodbye WienerZucker

It’s been a year since I started blogging and since my Blog’s name doesn’t really fit my life anymore I am going to abandon it soon. Time for a little review. I expected being a blogger to be much different. Honestly I started out, because I’ve read about a lot of successful Bloggers out there mainly in Print magazines first and I thought well it doesn’t sound so difficult I might as well try it (also thinking that it would enhance my cv, give me some experience as a future journalist, some practice writing online and I also thought it would be a good way to sort of keep an inspiration diary.). I realized it is a lot more work that I thought: not necessarily the updating and taking the pictures but to do the coding to “design” your blog (which I refrained from for that reason, I don’t know how other Bloggers do that). I also realized in order to get more readers I would have had to do much more “marketing” in terms of getting my Blog on Bloglovin (which I didn’t), comment more on other Blogs (which I didn’t, because I rarely felt an urge to comment.) then linking to my Blog, getting a facebook Like Button (which I tried but which didn’t work out as I wanted it). I also had problems making my tumblr comment-able even though I would have loved people commenting on my Blog 😦

Well, as you can already guess, my readership altogether didn’t increase as much as I wished when I started. That doesn’t mean that I think I completely failed. I understand that many successful Blogs have been around for quite a while, are more experienced and surely put a lot of work in establishing their Blogs. I enjoy(ed) blogging but I found it sometimes hard that to see that what I wanted to publish was not really what readers wanted to read (or people who would have been interested didn’t find my Blog?). Of course I luckily don’t rely on many people reading my Blog and I have to say I never thought about how many people would be interested before I wrote and published. I took the freedom of publishing whatever I felt like should be put out there and I also take pride that most of the pictures and content I published were made by myself rather than just commenting on pictures from other Blogs.

I’ve decided to start a new Blog as soon as I start studying in London at City University for my BA Journalism. I thought after a year of Blogging  would have a more clear idea what this Blog should be about and look like but….no not really. I even don’t know yet where I will have my Blog. I liked a lot of stuff at tumblr like following other people and liking their stuff but I hate the comment- thing and I think it’s pretty complicated to change the Blog design. Also tumblr is a lot about reblogging, which is a great feature, but I never really got warm with it since I want to have “my” stuff and “other” stuff separated. At the same time I am not sure if I would like it so much more to Blog on blogger or wordpress. I guess I have to do some research. 

I know that my second Blog will probably be more personal, because I intend using it also so my friends in Austria (and elsewhere of course)  have a another (besides facebook) of following my life over the British Channel. I would also like to incooperate a few political articles and write more about art and photography. Basically the Blog will probably still be a sort of inspiration Board and will hopefully help me discover in which field, where and how ultimately want to work. I will post my new Blog’s address here as soon as possible and I hope my not-so many but very appreciated readers will follow me. 🙂


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