May I introduce [myself]


I am Aurelia and this is my new Blog ‘smartfashioned’ I blogged a year on [fashion candy from vienna] about fashion [in vienna], art, film and other things, I considered worth posting. My nationality is Austrian but I try hard to become sort of a ‘cosmopolitan world citizen’. In september 2011 I moved to London to study Journalism at City University London, so my Blog had to go ‘international’ as well. This Blog is for widely interested and interesting people, who get as excited about a Pucci dress as about a discussion about women’s right to vote in Afghanistan. It’s for people who can admire the art of ancient greek sculpture as much as the craft of making a Haute Couture dress and who can appreciate the concept of Damien Hirst’s “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of someone living” and don’t think their time is too precious to find the best ice-cream stand in town.

So, welcome back to those who followed my Blog on tumblr and welcome to anyone interested in my  potentially fabulous adventures in London. I love to get comments and questions, so please don’t be shy.


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