[I am] a Fresher!

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It’s already my second week in London and already feel home. I already went through the getting-completely-soaked-due-to-unpredictable-weather- and the dirty-looks-for-ignoring-queue experience. I guess after the purchase of an umbrella (or several ones) I can call myself officially a resident of the (what’s the ultimative London cliché? “Rainy city”?)

I still have no PIN Code for my debit card, which implies I still have to live without a mobile phone (can’t get a contract without a working debit card) and without a subscription to the weekend issue of the guardion (or the independant) and eagerly important a subscription to ELLE (love the UK version). Sad, that sort of everything depends on money.

I haven’t had time to explore London as much as I wanted but so far I am über happy to live in walking distance (20-30 min) to Tate Modern and St. Paul’s (more for its looks, religion doesn’t really get me excited). But to be honest, Islington, the area, where I live offers enough cafés (still have to find the best value offer), bars (including a tequila bar) clubs (infamous fabric) and shops to keep me entertained so far.

I live in Halls of Residence together with mostly first year’s as well, so our schedule mostly looks like “get-lost-somewhere on campus in between the lectures” during the day and “socialize in clubs and at pre-parties at night’. We are seriously busy. 🙂


5 thoughts on “[I am] a Fresher!

    • Hi,
      I already like Boots and I am also a big sucker of Tesco’s Ham, Pickle, Cheese sandwich, so yummy! Our university has a pretty good and cheap cafeteria as well but as I am also basically live at university, technically I could just go home and cook there.

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