Tiger Tiger

On Friday we went out to celebrate G.’s Birthday. I am slowly getting to know the clubbing scene in London. Yay! Tiger, Tiger (Stupid name isn’t it?) is a rather posh club but lots of fun. There were 3 or 4 rooms, playing different kinds of music and the walls were all sparkly. On Saturday I just went for a half pint (and was very astonished indeed by its very small size. In Austria they son’t even sell beer in this size) to the York, a traditional english pub in the area. It closed at 11. Brits :-). Then the others went to fabric, a nightclub  down the street from where I live. But, unlucky me, victim of a uk bank not sending PIN codes with their debit cars found herself without any cash and had to return home for another episode of the big bang theory (more about this later

Here’s the Outfit I wore on Friday.

Shoes: ALDO

leggings: New Yorker

dress: Intimissi

glasses: H&M

I didn’t actually wear the glasses ( but I wish, I always wanted to do this, but I am afraid I will trip and fall over or something stupid).


4 thoughts on “Tiger Tiger

  1. nice leggings!
    Tiger Tiger is quite a shit club – it’s the also called “the pick up” club in London, older guys go there to pick up young women…

  2. Hi kat. hmm not that I am an expert on clubs in London (yet), but the night we went to tiger, tiger we only saw people our age (btw. 20-25). I’m not saying that it’s such a good club, but i didn’t have the impression that it is a pick-up club. In fact there was not a single guy approaching me or one of the other girls…

  3. Ha things must have changed! Or it depends on the night, been there twice and definitely not my thing, but also something you shouldn’t miss out on… oh and the 24hshop across the road is always worth going too 🙂

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