School- Outfit

Today was a really busy day.  I went to uni at 10:30 and got home at 9 (after I went to  buy some food). At night there was an inspiring lecture by Heather Brooke about Civic Journalism. She played a major role in discovering a scandal about MP’s (Member of Parliament) expenses and she published several books. Essentially she thinks that journalists should concentrate more on their role of challenging powerful people and investigation. Today I was wearing a pretty simple Outfit consisting of:

leather shorts: vintage

shirt: H&M

boyfriend blazer: ZARA

suspenders: H&M

random black tights and black ballet-flats.

It’s very comfortable and it  easily out together.

The Daily Mail Song: This video gave me a good laugh in today’s lectures. I think it’s brilliant. Hope you enjoy it


…And I also bought some Halloween Candy! I looove Halloween and I loove dressing up. Stay tuned for my costume ideas and going-out plans!

Hope you had a good day too!


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