Portobello Road

Today I decided to immerse myself in the  London’s well-known (vintage) shopping culture. =) E. and me left pretty early by student standards’s (11 am) to make our way to Notting Hill Gate, which was, compared to past experiences with public transportation here surprisingly easy. I don’t know if it’s because of preparations for the Olympics next summer or if it’s always like that (I hope not) but getting around London has not proven to be the easiest. Tube lines are more closed or partly closed than open and I still haven’t figured out how to go by bus and not end up in the middle of nowhere.

We encountered quite a lot of people with the same idea and loads and all kinds of jewelry, a few nice Vintage stores and delicious cuisine from all over the world.

I wore my American Apparel skirt with my leather jacket from NY and Bronx boots. I also wore it last year in Vienna but I think it suits London better than Vienna =).


Owl-necklaces seem to be hugely popular at the moment. Almost every shop sells some kind of owl as necklace. A sign of wisdom, we need, to figure out what kind changes our (financial) system needs? I couldn’t resist and invested in a beautiful gold owl. The first step to rebuild my jewelry-collection after my loss on the train from Salzburg to Vienna last summer.



Later we took a break at a cute coffee shop, which was decorated with italian groceries and DVD and VHS boxes of old films and sells IT-Girl or Icon-Coffee. Who says Handbags and cocktails are the only things named after the world’s most popular women?

And despite the chilly weather and  my sour throat we had to-die-for-ice-cream at Gelato Mio. I went for pumkin coco (isn’t an a autumn -y flavor a good excuse to have ice-cream year round?) and something with nuts and chocolate.

On the way back we found a book store with the most creative light-solution: book-sheet lamps.

I think going to markets is going to be one of my favourite week-end activities from now on. =)


4 thoughts on “Portobello Road

  1. also ich finde den zebra anzug ja um einiges besser, tragen wird es in österreich so und so keiner und noch ist das ja nicht die gesamte kollektion die man sieht, es wird auch “normale” teile geben, ob sich die herren kollektion gut verkaufen wird nur weil versace oben steht glaube ich nicht! zumindestens nicht in den österreichischen breitengraden.

    Danke für dein cmt.

    LG Mike

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