On the list.

Just as every modern women  I constantly work on the perfect wardrobe. I get inspiration on streetstyle blogs, read fashion magazines and Blogs and watch styling videos with Patricia Field (the one and only. The Fashion from Sex and the City never dies). Here are some of the items I am planning on adding as my budget permits…

White Ankle Boots:  They would wonderfully work with this dress and a black winter coat and black skinny jeans….

Something lacy: I love the sleeves in this editorial, but I think I’ll probably go more for the lace-body at American Apparell (which is – typical american apparell – photographed in porn-mode, so I am not gonna show it on my Blog. Believe me it looks perfectly innocent in store)

Something glittery like this incredible skirt from All Saints.

The perfect Biker Boots (not like these from Zara.com)
A jumper in black and white like this one from topshop and a patterned, oversized jumper like this one from asos. Possibly also a jumper with some glitter

Apart from that:

  • work-out clothes
  • Fake Fur Gilet
  • gloves
  • white scarf
What are you planning on buying for the upcoming winter/party season?

3 thoughts on “On the list.

  1. is there something like a perfect wardrobe? for my part I think it’s really difficult to match my fashion mood with a responsible shopping behavior. Right now my closet is stuffed with so many things I bought in summer and still I feel I’ve got nothing to wear because it’s so chilly outside. … tough topic… but I really like your wishlist 🙂


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