Jumper-Love =)

Hi, everyone! This is the jumper that I talked about one post earlier and I already found the perfect one at only 15 pounds at Beyond Retro (almost) in Brick Lane. It was the first time I went there and I absolutely loved it. It’s quite a big store, boasting a huge selection on virtually any kind of second hand clothes. Right now, they even have Halloween costumes on offer (The cruella Devil costume was quite appealing). But back to my jumper: I love the blue and grey in the pattern. Most jumpers on offer are mostly grey and black, making this one one more special… It also looks good with my eyes (even though I can’t believe how bad my eye shadows look. Clearly I have to go to bed more early. Also for the sake of Media Law, during which I could barely keep my eyes open today. Very amusing to watch for my class but really weird when you notice that you actually dream about the lecture during your mini-involuntary-naps).

The necklace is from Portobello Road Market, which I already showed to you in an earlier post. Owls are a symbol for wisdom for me (or at least my mum always told me so) and being a devoted Harry Potter I actually have to keep myself from not calling it “Hedwig”. But then again…other women name their handbags, so why not name a necklace?


Sorry for the strange look in the mirror/camera. Mornings are not the best time of the day for me :-(. 



2 thoughts on “Jumper-Love =)

  1. I just opened my closet and came to the conclusion that I’m really more a shirt-person than a jumper-person… which isn’t sooo ideal for winter…. so, thanks for the inspiration, I think I should go shopping!

  2. I have seen lots of guys in London with these “norwegian” patterned sweaters, seems to be a big trend (street) trend this winter. Maybe you could combine it preppily with a sleeveless-jumper and a shirt? Definitely stick to the shirts though, I think it looks good on most men =)

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