Show a little love!

Dear Readers!

I love blogging and I hope I provide content that is at least remotely interesting for you. Like most Blogs I don’t get paid for writing my Blog. It is still a lot of work but also a lot of fun!! If you like my posts and photos  I would appreciate it very much if you could share this link on your facebook, leave me a comment (even if it’s just ‘this article made me think about…’ or ‘I like your shoes’) if you subscribe to my Blog via e-mail. If there’s anything you would like me to write about or if you have any links you’d like to share I would be happy to receive an e-mail or a comment about this. I also welcome constructive criticism and suggestions what I could make better. Building a Blog-readership is not easy and I’m thrilled about helping other bloggers through sharing Links and writing comments. So, drop me a line please!

PS: Commenting is easy. Just go to ‘Leave a Reply’ at the end of the post and there you go. You have to give your e-mail address but I promise I won’t abuse it for spam or anything =). You don’t have to give me your real name if you don’t want.

PPS: I am especially talking to you, my dear friends in beautiful austria, who are always to shy to ever leave me comment because ‘I have nothing interesting to say’.=))


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