Halloween is probably my favorite party occasion alongside fat tuesday/mardi gras and maybe st.patrick’s day. I love special occasions and I think we should incorporate other culture’s holidays even more. I hate people, who say Halloween is not european. (Its origins are actually celtic so it’s not even true. For this Halloween I decided to dress up as Cruella Devil. I look pretty ugly, huh? I’ve never really understood why some girls dress up pretty on Halloween. The whole point of it is to look hideous, isn’t it. I can look pretty for the rest of the year. Unfortunately it turned out to be another bad night (I have a feeling that London’s nightlife is determined to keep me disappointed. Three bad nights out in a row is a little much to take if everybody else expects you to have the greatest time ever in London’s famous club and bar scene).

As much as I loved my costume it was really hard to get back to normal again when I cam back, especially the nails were a nightmare. Can’t believe that some women, wear these voluntarily ( I bought them at a normal drug store)

My inspiration: Walt Disney’s fur-obsessed diva. Below: Poison Ivy with me at our Pre-Party. C. actually got real poison ivy from church-wall. =)


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