The good and the bad capsule collection

Recently only bad news have emerged from Greece. But greek designer Mary Katranzou’s dresses are a strong antidote to the current greek tragedy. Her boldy colored dresses have one message: “Black is dead”, giving a strong statement that the future looks bright . The 28 -year old designer graduated from Central Saint Martins and has shown at London Fashion Week in the past seasons. Her Ming vases inspired collections definitely lead a new way in terms of patterns, reminding me of Pucci somehow. Having said this, I couldn’t be more excited about her upcoming Capsule collection with Topshop. The collection won’t hit stores until February next year and prices will still be at about 350 pounds but if I start saving now….I’ve come to the conclusion that it would probably be a smarter investment than the upcoming H&M Versace collection, which has disappointed me  a little bit. This year I will sleep in, dreaming about my Mary Katranzou dress instead of getting up early in the morning and lining up with some other crazy people for getting priority wristbands.

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