Better than the real thing: Fake-Fur

Fur is back on the Catwalk and on the Streets without ever being fully gone anyway. And it always stays controversial. PETA and Designers like Stella McCarteny, whose collections are entirely animal-product less have had a huge impact on fashion. Nowadays wearing a fake-fur coat is as fashionable if not more than wearing a real fur coat. Personally I was always very strongly against any fur: even vintage (you still support demand by buying it) and fake (it still looks like fur and stands for the same thing) but I have opened up a little bit on this issue and bought my first fake-fur jacket last week. Fake fur is so established at the moment that it stands on its own rather than just being a substitute for real fur. I have to say, that it is incredible warm and doesn’t look cheap or synthetic (even though I would say, you could still recognize it easily as fake). Personally I think fake fur is the only way to wear fur: animal farms to produce fur are incredible cruel and completely unnecessary. Fashion is no reason to justify this.  I wear leather shoes and bags, because I think that cows, sheep and goats are not primarily killed for the leather. I believe that there is a respectful way to kill animals in order to eat their meat and I think hand-bag and shoe producers should label their leather products for the origin of leather to make it easier for us to make good decisions what we buy.

But as with all fashion trends the line between good and bad is thin …

Choose ONE Fur Print: Dalmatian Yeti Look is too much

Leo-Prints looks good on Accessories and shoes anything large-area doesn’t work. Sorry.

Be careful with dogs’ fur pattern. Might get associated with Cruella Devil or even worse Harley Davidson Bikers.

Racoon patterns look nice on almost everyone and they tend to be less of a a Her-hair-or-her-coat hazard as it looks quite different from most hair colors.

As mentioned above: choose a fur coat or jacket that is not too similar with your hair color if you have long hair. It never looks good if you can’t tell hair and coat apart.


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