10 Reasons why your weight is not important

Maya Gebaira is a successful surfer from Brazil and she has an amazing body

The Do’s and Dont’s of Dieting. How to burn 500 calories in one hour. Hidden calories. A peak into a women’s magazine reveals one obession: weight.

Even girl’s Talk often evolves around this topic. It’s incredible how many beautiful and perfectly normal girls  feel insecure about their eating habits.
I don’t want to say that the shape of your body doesn’t matter at all – obesity has to be taken seriously. But as the obesity rate is, even in the UK, the most fat-stricken country in Europe, at 24%, the majority of women doesn’t have to be worried.
Yet Pro Ana Blogs like this one try to pull others into their psychological problems.

But there are plenty of reason why it’s absolutely not necessary to worry about your weight.

1) Being skinny does NOT equal being popular, being loved, being admired, being interesting or inspiring to other people. The better way to do this is to be obsessed about books, music, art, fashion, computers, dance, the theatre (whatever your choosen subject may be) rather than calorie intake.

The incredible Marilyn: Curvy and fabulous.

2) The  perception that you need to be skinny to be attractive and loved by men is simply not true.
Scientific research has shown that what women perceive as an ideal body shape is significantly skinnier than what men perceive to be sexy. Being more beautiful also does not increase your chances of long lasting  and happy relationship as research suggest (not surprisingly) that genetically similarity and shared values are most crucial to relationships and marriage.
Starving yourself will certainly not change your genes and it will make you too tired to think about your values and goals in life, so at least in this respect obsession about your weight is just a waste of time.

3) Life is too short to always worry about exercise and calories: Do you really want to look back and have to say:  “In my 20s I went to the gym every single day and acquired a deep knowledge of how many calories groceries contain as well as how many calories exercise burns?”. There is so much more to life and so many experiences you will miss out on like Cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery or Ben&Jerry’s Ice-cream and the big bowl of chips after a night out.

4) Eating healthy is important but it will not guarantee you a long and healthy life. Unfortunately the picture of your fit 60-year-old self going for a run at the beach cannot be secured by eating salads or doing Yoga. It’s not fair but there are plenty of old people, who lead extremely unhealthy lifestyles  and are now cycling or running around in their 80s rather than being buried at the cemetery. If you are unlucky you can still die of cancer before you reach retirement age despite an admirable healthy lifestyle. Try to stick to  reasonable healthy eating and exercise habits,  but keep in mind that there is no need to exaggerate it.

5) There is no need to get stressed out by models (and bloggers) or clothes sizes: Not really new, but magazine pictures are extremely edited. It’s amazing what Photoshop can do and this is after 564 photos had been taken and a team of Make-up Artists and light-tecs had made every effort to portray the model in the best light. As an Outfit-Blogger myself I can assure you that there is a BIG difference between my Blog-Pics and Snapshots of me going to the supermarket (and this is even though Photoshop never makes me slimmer or my skin more smooth.)

No one looks like that naturally. If you don’t believe me ask yourself the question why you never see a model with birth mark on her body. It’s extremely unlikely that of the thousands of models working, not a single one has a birth mark or tiny scar.

The same with clothes sizes: they differ so widely that I personally own clothes between XS and XL and they all perfectly fit me…

Don’t forget that it’s a celebrity’s job to look therefore they are required to spend 4-5 hours each day on looking like they do. This article might make you re-think if you really want to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel…

6) Anorexic behaviour is extremely dangerous: Don’t ever take this lightly and do not under any circumstances engage in anorexic behaviour like skipping several meals, doing excessive exercise or monitoring your weight daily. You put yourself at risk of getting infertile, having a permanently slow metabolism, which will make it even harder to maintain a healthy weight  and constant tiredness. Depending on what your eating habits are you could damage your inner organs permanently and cause irregular heartbeats. It’s a thousands times better to have a few extra pounds or kilos than dealing with the after math of an eating disorder. Medical research suggests that being slightly overweight is more healthy than being underweight or on the lower half of the “normal BMI section”. The extra pounds help your body to recover more quickly should you get seriously ill.

Dilma Rouseff: On the Forbe's list of most powerful women

7) A perfect body will not automatically make you successful: The most powerful women were not necessarily beauty icons: Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian President,  Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde , New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson or Oprah Winfrey have achieved incredible much in their careers and actively shape the world we live in. I bet their biggest concern is not what they eat every day.

8) The world does not need skinny girls, whose mind is primarily occupied by weight: I don’t want to listen to another perfectly normal girl recounting her calorie intake.
With the economic crisis and massive shifts in politics and society taking place all over the world, we need self-confident thinkers, who have ideas and a vision for the future. Instead of building your self-worth upon being able to deprive yourself of food,  build it on your knowledge, creativity or skills. You don’t need to be a size zero, have flawless skin or money to spend on fancy clothes to be an inspiration to others.

9)  Instead of dieting appreciate your body and make the most of it:

long legs? miniskirt

short legs? miniskirt, anyway

flat tummy? try high waist trousers and skirts and leave a thin line between your top and the skirt.

nice bum? pencil, skirts, shorts, jeans, leggings

arms, shoulders?: asymmetric tops, shoulderfree  tops

hair? leave it open or decorate if with extravagant hair accessories

eyes? eyeliner, mascara

skin? hair up and forget about the make-up

hands? rings, bracelets

boobs?  tube tops, Neckholder

Don’t worry to much about fashion Do’s and Dont’s. Try on the leather leggings even if you think your thighs are huge. Influential Fashion Icons like Isabella Blow have said that Fashion is here to enhance your appearance and express yourself. Be confident enough to  not follow some stupid rule of some salad-eating fashion editor at Glamour.

10) Being skinny won’t make you happy: be grateful for your family and/or friends, be proud of your achievements and be happy about the possibilities and experiences life has brought to you. Don’t let anything hold you back from things you want to do. This is your life and you should live it as you always envisioned it.


5 thoughts on “10 Reasons why your weight is not important

  1. I really like this!!! Especially the bit about enjoying cupcakes 😛 No seriously, I’m going through all your articles and your blog is just awesome. And you’re posting stuff pretty often! It’s great 🙂

  2. I agree with most of the article, except for the fashion do & don’t bit. Those guidelines are there for a reason, and that reason is to help you look your best regardless of body shape and size. Sure, you can try out those leather leggings even if you think you have ‘huge thighs’, but the most likely outcome is that they won’t look great.

    • Well, it just seems to me that a lot of women just THINK they have big thighs/ tummy/short legs but it’s not actually true. Some of them are then frustrated because “they can’t wear fashion trends” because of their body shape. Personally I long thought that I couldn’t wear short skirts or “those leather leggings” and when I started wearing the things I liked on the catwalk or in magazines, I found out that, despite not looking the same as on the size 0 model it still looked good. Fashion is not the law. It’s about having fun and there are loads of different opinions. Some people might look at the me and still think “she shouldn’t wear this” and I am guilty myself looking at people in the street or even at Fashion shoots in magazines and thinking the same thing. I guess, the point I was trying to make is that most of the “rules” you find in magazines are not really helpful… because what exactly classifies “a big bum” or “short legs”? I truly believe that Confidence can pull off any look, regardless of body shape.

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