Autumn in London


Dress: Sohung Designs bought @ Young Designer’s Market NYC

boots: Steve Madden

belt: Zara

sweater (underneath dress): Forever XXI

tights: H&M

Sunday was one of the nicest days in autumn here in London so far and hopefully there are more to come. Autumn is my favourite season of the year. Especially now with all the colourful leaves on the trees and one the ground and the air gets a little chilly. Autumn is the best season for fashion: you can get properly dressed without ruining the look with a sweaty face and there’s no need to hide your clothes  behind  thick winter coats. My skin has also gone back to being much more light, which I prefer to my (slightly) tanned skin during summer. Eveline and me went for a walk in  a park close to our apartment block to catch a few of the mid-afternoon sun rays. More about Eveline in my next Post. Stay tuned 🙂

Coffee at Café Nero afterwards. How was your weekend?


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