Style-Interview with treasuresbyeveline

Eveline, from Larvik, Norway

studies: Journalism in London and Blogger @ treasuresbyeveline 

What is your fashion inspiration? 

I read and look at a lot of Blogs like   and I also get inspiration from just walking down the street and looking at people’s Outfits.

What are your favourite Blogs?

Style by Kling and They are both norwegian and very successful. Style by Kling has her own magazine and lives in New York.

Where do you go shopping?

I like Acne but it’s quite expensive so I can’t buy everything there. I am also getting more and more into Vintage, especially now that I live in London. You’ll also find me at Urban Outfitters, Monkey and H&M.

Let me know if you like Posts like this (because I do) and I’ll get some more stylish people in and around my lIfe to reveal their fashion-secrets to us!


4 thoughts on “Style-Interview with treasuresbyeveline

  1. Pretty! especially love picture n°2. Why is there a massive gap between the twitter adress and the rest of the article? Do more, maybe add a non fashion related quesion to the interview. If it inspires you, I think on lookbook if i remember well, every interviewee prepared a random question for the next interviewee, I thought it was a great idea 🙂 xx

  2. Hi, Sorry about the gap. I wrote the post late last night and scheduled it for today and I must’ve overlooked it. The question about a non-fashion subject sounds good. Thanks for your Feedback!

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