What  does poor student do if shopping is not on the agenda due to an ever-tight budget? Invest in Accessories! Yes, they are easy to loose and can be annoying to wear but they admittedly have lots of advantages: they are easy to move from one country/flat to the other, can be easier on your budget (if you go for fake jewelry) and most importantly can completely change a Look. Here are my recent “investments”.

I treated myself to DKNY Golden Delicious. It smells very feminine, fruity and fresh. It’s definitely one of the nicest perfumes I ever had. I just wish the New York skyline would be mirrored in my “Apple” instead of my Paparazzi-Self and room.

… and Barry M. Nailpolish in Gold and Silver. Both are of beautiful colours and stay on for an incredible long time (looks pretty at least 3 or 4 days and I am anything but gentle with my nails). I think they make a wonderful stocking filler or Christmas gift for friends and are at ~4 pounds pretty reasonable priced.

I also bought myself another clock-necklace after I left my beautiful golden one from Urban Outfitters on the train this summer. I bought it at Camden market for 5 pounds, which was probably overpriced since it’s nothing special and you can find similar necklaces all over London but I think it’s a nice Look and I am not tired of it yet.

But my favourite find are these earrings from Boots. Three compliments in 3 hours, inlcuding one from a jewelry designer and one from a gay man (qualifies both as trustworthy sources). They were a total steal at 7 pounds and they look great in Daylight as well as at Nighttime. I wore them for clubbing on Friday.


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