Why travel alone

20 minutes in the lobby waiting for everyone, half an hour to work out the itinerary for the day, 10 minutes because someone needed to go to the loo, ending up at Mc Donald’s, because you couldn’t work out where to go for dinner…travelling in a group or as a couple can be frustrating.  Why not forget the collective decision-making, nagging and arguments about what, when and how and just go by yourself?

Travelling alone is more than not having a travel buddy, it is a state of mind. It’s about experiencing the freedom of doing what you want 24 hours day and getting an undiluted impression of your destination. There are no one else’s wishes and needs to consider. If you want to spend five hours walking around in a museum and another hour in the museum shop, you can do it. Want to lie next to the river in the sun instead of sightseeing? You do it. Feel like eating four cupcakes today? No one’s judging you. No one drags you from one boring shop to the other and no one spoils the discovery of the “Sex and the City Carrie House” with annoying side comments.  You only have one travel budget to consider and you can decide where to stay, may it be the Boutique Hotel or a tent without having someone complaining about money or a lack of comfort.

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