Fashion Icons

In a time where the term It-Girl gets wasted for pop starlets, with average stylists and every upcoming TV-series is the new “Sex and the City” it has become increasingly harder to find real Style Icons. The  “Vintages” like Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana or Marlene Dietrich are always a reliable source but as they are dead they can’t react to designers innovations anymore and obviously they don’t create new inspirations. It is time for a little recount of the women who have and still influence our everyday Outfits.

Carrie Bradshaw (styled by Patricia Field)

and NOT Sarah Jessica Parker

She made visible bras and wearing men’s underpants fashionable. She made Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos to the most desired shoe brands and gave them multi-million dollar publicity. She’s the queen of mixing Vintage with designer pieces and mixing colors and patterns. The HBO series “Sex and the City” started out in the late 90ies, yet more than ten year’s later her Outfits couldn’t be more up-to-date (except for a few things like the Dior-Saddle Bag, which everybody is a little tired of). I still watch the DVDs and get inspired. Any comparisons to Gossip Girl (not as creative and original, will be boring in few years time) or even the dreadful “Desperate Housewives” are an insult to my ears.

The Honourable Daphne Diana Joan Suzannah Guinness

Daphne Guinness is an heiress of the Guinness Family and married the son of a greek shipping billionaire at the age of 19 with whom she had 3 kids. She got divorced 12 years later with a reported settlement of 20 $. Needless to say that the 44-year-old Haute Couture addict is quite well off. She lives in London, where she was born and in New York, where she spent some time of her life in the mid-80ies. She posses 2,500 garments in total, as well as 450 pairs of shoes, 70 hats,  and 200 handbags with part of her collection currently on view at the FIT in New York. Without doubt she is a very educated and sophisticated woman, her knowledge spanning from Ancient Rome over Art-déco jewellery to literature. She is having an affair with married intellectual  Bernard-Henri Levy but despises the moral question connected to dating a married man “My greatest sorrow has been the unresolved question of the state of our relationship.” Nevertheless she thinks of him as the love of her life.

Her style is best described as eccentric with her wardrobe including armor and extremely high, heel-less shoes. She is rumored to use nail polish as lipstick, has white and black hair  that matches her mostly black and white wardrobe. Despite adoring fashion and having been close friends with Alexander McQueen among other designers she doesn’t like to talk about her personal style, describes herself as shy and claims to just “throw things together, which works well because of the many black and white pieces”.If she can’t find what she likes she designs it herself but despite the demand that could exist for her pieces she has no interest in producing them for anyone else beside herself.

Alexa Chung

Alexa is or used to be a model and is Britain’s not-so-new-anymore-It-girl. Her style is androgyn, looks somewhat effortless but is still quite sophisticated. She has worked as a TV presenter and a Print journalist (for Vogue, Teen Vogue and ELLE). In 2010 she won the British Style Award for “embodying the spirit of British fashion”. But despite being very successful both professionally as well as in her love life (she has dated the Arctic Monkeys frontman, The Horrors Frontman and has unlike other celebrities maintained long-term relationships), she is still quite down-to earth, saying that she could never afford dressing head-to-toe in Haute Couture and claiming that she still has to pay for her clothes. She is also worried about appearing too much in gossip magazines and getting famous for going out. All that gives her a certain- girl-next-door-charm.  I think her style is particularly inspiring for androgyn girls. I am not sure if her Look is always flattering for more curvy girls. But she is also an example par excellence for wearing flat shoes, which is especially helpful for very tall girls.

Chloe Sevigny

The thing about Chloe is that she is not typical beautiful. She has a grown-up, quite wide face and her weight bounces back and forth between very skinny and a lot more meaty. She is known as the “Indie-Queen” for acting in lots of independent films for which she has been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar. She loves Liberty Prints and a very laid-back and Vintage heavy style. A lot about her screams “Hipster” but she is still very authentic compared to the rest of the Hipster-culture, which has been criticized for being pretentious kids of rich parents.This has probably a lot to do with her being already 37 – a lot older than most Hipsters. She has stayed true to her slightly messy Hairstyle and has been a Fashion icon since her late teens and early 20ies, when she still worked as a model. She has also designed a collection for US-Avantgarde Store Opening Ceremony, which received mixed reactions.











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