The 60ies are back in my closet

I am not always safe with matching fashion styles with decades but this dress looks very 60ies to me.  I recently bought it in a Christmas sale and so-not-60ies styled it with my “fetish” shoes. I hardly take them off my feet. They are just fabulous. I found a lipstick with roughly the same colour as the dress in my mum’s bathroom. I think it’s a nice Look like this. I am still in Salzburg at my parents’ house and already spent more than my after-Christmas-Sale budget  in Salzburg (I meant to save some to buy me shoes at Topshop), but I happened to find too many irresistible bargains to just let them be taken by someone else :-). I am still working on my first youtube Video about my hometown Salzburg, so check back  later today or tomorrow.

dress: Mango

hat: H&M

shoes: Mango

Coat: from my mum’s closet


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