Black and Red

I get asked a lot how to look good in winter by the less-fashion addicted in my friends circle and I am planning on writing a specific Blog Post about this later, but I thought that this Outfit really shows how good a big scarf and gloves can look like. Even though I have to admit that there are certain difficulties to look good in winter: muddy snow, cold, Michelin-Men Style Coats and “sensible” (but ugly) shoes, winter also boast a lot of opportunities to play around with accessories like scarfs, gloves, hats, tights and socks. But the more items you wear, the more difficult it get’s to match them. Choosing one bright colour for accessories and a black, navy blue or grey Outfit can create a beautiful and interesting Outfit in winter. I’ve chosen red to stand out a little bit under the grey sky in the grey city, but it would also work with pink, green or orange. I think that gloves are one of the sexiest clothing pieces out there and winter is virtually the only possibility to get wear them without getting associated with a Japanese-Lolita or an actress, so don’t risk getting dry and wrinkly hand and invest in a pair of leather gloves :-).

The book that I am holding in my hand (to look smart) was my holiday read this year. It is gripping read about economical globalization, the war on terror and disaster capitalism. It was sometimes really hard to read it, because it also deals with modern torture techniques but I think that it helps you understand the world, we live in much better. I recommend it to anyone interested in politics and economics. I thought it deserved to be in the picture :-).

scarf: H&M

jacket: H&M

skirt: ZARA

sweater: MANGO

gloves: borrowed from my mum

bag: gift

shoes: MANGO

book: Naomi Klein: The Shockdoctrine


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