Style Icons II

…And because it is so much fun: Part 2 of my style Icon/Style Inspiration of the 21st century. You can read Part I here.

Susie Bubble 

She blogs on the more than 35 000 hits-a-day Blog Style Bubble and is famous for her extravagant shoe collection. Everything else about her is  bright colors, wildly patterned and matched. She is a UK-born Hong Kong Chinese, studied History and worked in Graphic Design before getting more on the fashion path professionally. Despite her flourishing career in all sorts of fashion projects and Full-Time Blogger she still feels as a “Fashion Outsider” . Compared to other crazy-successful Bloggers  she appears to be very down to earth.  She is someone, who expresses the essence of having fun with fashion. The way she dresses is pure creativity and maybe even a little bit artsy. Her style might not be the best for everyone to copy but if she brought one thing to many woman out there it is that shoes don’t need to match anything and that other people’s opinion really, really doesn’t matter.

Photo via her Blog

Jessie J

Lip Tattoos, Catsuits, Bodies, Jumpsuits. The atypical singer (doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t take drugs) couldn’t live without her skintight Outfits (although she recently performed in an Oscar-style-like gown). She likes looking like a “Superhero”, tacky jewelry and finds Rihanna inspiring. Vintage plays a big role in her wardrobe. It makes her feel wearing “someone else’s story”.  Although I like her style and her commitment to it, it’s not necessarily what I would wear. I think you need to have a more boyish figure to look good in these second-skin Outfits. It’s clearly visible that she enjoys her styling.  Finally a pop star, who doesn’t take fashion too seriously and just has fun with it. Now that she is fairly established in her career she enjoys being able to afford “playing dress up everyday”.

Image via

Lady Gaga

She pushes the Boundaries of Fashion with a dress made out of meat or bubbles and shoes that are barely walkable. Sometimes her Outfits are entirely purchased in Sex Shops and a lot times designed by Thierry Mugler. She has Faible for extravagant sunglasses and skyscraper heels. I don’t like Lady Gaga’s music but I admire her as an artist and Fashion Icon. Her commitment to her Performance and everything around it is more than remarkable. I would even say that what she does is something beyond fashion: it’s already Performance Art. She walked for her favourite designer Thierry Mugler cites New York, her hometown as a main inspiration. People who say, that she is fashion disaster, she just shrugs off as “They don’t know anything about fashion”.

I mage via

Kate Moss

I feel like there is nothing to say about this über Style Icon. I love her, signature messy hairstyle, skinny jeans, leather jackets but I find it hard to define her style at the same time. She always looks chic, yet never as if she tries too hard. Probably the most stylish woman on earth.

Image via Pinterest

Anna dello Russo

Watch this video from the Daily Telegraph about her.

Editor at Large for Vogue Japan, self-described fashion maniac and famous for wearing looks straight off the runway, Anna dello Russo wants to be the “Lady Gaga” of fashion.  She owns an extra apartment just for her clothes collection and has worked almost 20 years as a fashion editor at Vogue Italia. She is especially popular among Bloggers and blogs herself on The hype around her has gone down in recent months, but she still remains an inspiration, because she has given the confidence to women to wear complete Catwalk styles on the street and making it ok not to have a family or being married for the sake of fashion (“there is no space, because of the clothes”). At the age of 49 she has a body, 20 years-olds would die for, thanks to her  Yoga and Swimming Routine.

Image via

Isabella Blow

Isabella Blow, a close friend of Daphne Guiness and Alexander  McQueen and assistant to Anna Wintour became famous for her extravagant hats, red lips, and otherworldly styles. She had been a muse to hat designer Philipp Treacy for years and was teh first to discover Alexander MCQueen (buying his graduate collection for 5000 pounds and paying in 100 pound installments). Her style was uncompromisingly flamboyant with her “passion for fashion bordering on insanity” (as she described herself).  She incorporated chains in her Outfits, wore non-matching shoes and one legged trousers. Wether she could walk or have dinner in her clothes were of “no concern” to her. Despite having a prosperous career at Guy Laroche, the Sunday Styles Magazine, Tatler, the US Vogue and as a consultant at Swarowski she often faced financial difficulties. She enjoyed getting attention for her looks but was incredible fragile at the same time “It pains me to say to, but I am ugly” she once said. Her life ended in a tragedy: despite going through IVF she couldn’t get pregnant and attempted suicide numerous times. She was hospitalized because of depression and bi-polar. After she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she killed herself by drinking weedkiller at the age of 48. At her funeral, Philip Treacy hats graced her coffin and grave instead of flowers.

Image via

I do not own the rights for these pictures!


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