Tour My Closet

Clothes tell stories, closets tell entire character and lives. The popularity of interior design and Relocating TV shows and “What’s in your bag?” Posts on the internet tell how much people like to find out how other people live and store their clothes. I personally love going through other people’s wardrobes and listening to stories how they acquired their favourite top. I never buy any souvenirs and I hardly ever buy books (I have been raised as a keen library visitor and I like to say that I don’t need books in my flat to  appear educated and well-read, because it’s all my brain ;-). My souvenirs are a hat from New York, a top from Stockholm, a necklace from Chicago, a tailor-made dress from Thailand and a jeans scored on sale in Barcelona. My closet is full of memories, old relationships, thoughtful gifts from friends and relicts of my adventures.  That’s probably also the reason why it’s so difficult for me to part from my clothes. Moves across countries and even continents in the last years have made me much better at cleaning out my closet but I am still very glad my parents are willing to store all my treasures while I live in London. According to a recent study people only wear 20% of the things that are in their closets. I am not one of them. I miss the variety and freedom that comes with my collection. In this Video I take you on a little tour through my closet and my life.


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