London Art Fair

There is Frieze and there is the London Art Fair, which is conveniently located just a few steps away from my Uni at the Islington Business Design center. With more than 100 galleries representing contemporary and modern British Art  it is slightly overwhelming and is doesn’t lack behind Frieze. For those of you who haven’t had the experience of visiting an Art Fair yet: basically it’s a dry place in which galleries are lined up, exhibiting their most interesting art for potential buyers and saving you the hassle of traveling across London for a gallery tour. At the London Art Fair you can catch up on all the big and/or famous ones like the Saatchi Gallery, the Whitechapel and Serpentine Gallery but also a lot of the small and edgy ones.

It’s always exciting to get inspired by all the creativity around and finding out what I could theoretically invest my money in, should the unlikely event of me getting extremely rich ever take place. Otherwise there is always the possibility of putting your own creativity to work (materials are usually conveniently mentioned on the label). How about a plastic Damien Hirst skull with Gold Spray as bathroom decoration or getting a Map printed on a (summer) dress (also a good way of saving space in the interrail backpack) and if I should get struck by a flash of genius, the lady at “Young Masters” recommends taking part in the  Young Masters Art Prize 2012. The Talks and Tours are free with admission and we decided to go with a Photo Tour, which pointed out the many ways “classical” photography gets enhanced to draw attention to  itself. One of my favourites was a video photo of trees in front of a river. Is this the way the cosmopolitan individual reconnects with nature?

Unfortunately the Short films and Video Installations that were shown were extremely disappointing but the many projects and performances such as the drawing robot, which is able to draw your portrait make up for it. Below a small selection of pictures I took  in the 4 hours I spent wandering around there. I can only recommend going, 11 pounds for students is a small prize to pay for getting to see so much Art!

The London Art Fair is on till Sunday. Don’t miss it!


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