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Winter is usually a good time to get comfortable at home and catch up on films, one has missed during the year or the classics. I’ve put together a list  of films I’ve seen in the past years and that I think everyone should watch.

1) Exit through the gift shop

A hilarious (pretend?) documentary by artist, Banksy about Street Art and the “serious” Art Market.

2) The Darjeeling Limited

A film about three brothers, who travel to and through India to meet their mother and restore their relationships among each other after their father’s death. An incredible vivid, colourful and moving caption of India, family and the largeness of life.

3) We need to talk about Kevin

A painful drama about a mother, raising a teenager, who turns into the killer at a school shooting.

4) A Good year

A London investment banker inherits his uncle’s vineyard, which he intends to sell as soon as possible. But then childhood memories, the lips of a local cafe owner and the life outside of office walls taste just a little bit too good. Most people make definite plans to go to France for holiday and start saving up for a vineyard in France to live at when they’re old.

5) A touch of spice

A  greek family has to flee from Istanbul to Greece for political reasons and tries to cope with a sense of displacement. A very sensual film about food, spices, family and finding a place to call home. For everyone who wonders how it is to be forced to live in another country.

6) All about my Mother (Todo sobre mi madre)

A wonderful Spanish film about mother’s love, mistakes, responsibility and being brave.

7) L’auberge espanol

The best film ever made about student life, making friends, finding love and cultural misunderstandings.

8) Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot

A bavarian film about a boy, whose mother died when he was born and his attempt to make up for it by finding his dad a new wife, becoming immortal and disturbing the peace in his little village. I’ve watched it at least 6 times and I still cry tears from having to laugh so hard.

9) Run, Lola Run

A classic  german film about how Lola manages to get 10 000 DM to rescue her drug dealing boyfriend in 20 minutes in different versions one right after the other.

10) Vicky Christina Barcelona

2 beautiful girls on vacation in Barcelona. An Artist and his crazy girlfriend. A lot of confusion and a Woody Allen end (meaning you’d never guessed how it turns out).

11) Chrigo

A swiss documentary filmed by a young cancer patient and his best friend  (after he got too weak to film himself) about his journey into death. An admirable positive and strong take on accepting one’s fate.

12) Midnight in Paris

A nostalgic portrait of Paris  and its art scene mainly in the 20ies.

13) Caramel

About a strong women in Beirut, who owns a Beauty Shop and real friendsship. For anyone looking for some exotic inspiration

14) Elegy

An old art professor who falls in love with one of his students. He is fascinated by her beauty and her sexuality but at the same time his mind is too occupied by loosing her to another man to commit to their relationship. When she is diagnosed with cancer their relationship changes. A film with a fantastic Penelope Cruz about the power of sex, lust for life and the crippling disease cancer.

15) Volver

A gripping film again with Penelope Cruz about the complexity of women’s life

16) Some like it hot

Marilyn’s best film about two men who have to dress up as women and join a girl’s band in order to escape criminals. Hilarious!

17) Goodbye Lenin

A great german film about growing up in the DDR, the fall of the wall and everything that changed afterwards. There is another film with the same actors and by the same director  called “Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei” about capitalism and injustice, which couldn’t be more current.

18) Ensemble c’est tout

A beautiful french film about friendship. Recommendable for Singles.

19) Belle de Jour

An erotic film about a housewife who starts working as a prostitute out of boredom.

20) Paris je t’aime/ New York I love you

Short films about two exciting cities.

21) Nordwand

A gripping drama about the the attempt to climb the “Nordwand” in the bavarian mountains for the first time encouraged by Hitler. The film is based on a true story and the suspense almost unbearable. I think my nails were clawed into the cinema seat for most of the film.

Also recommended:

Warten auf Angelina/ Waiting for Angelina

A funny-as -hell low-budget production about a  fan and a paparazzo waiting for the perfect shot of “Brangelina” in Berlin.

Stellungswechsel (german)

3 very different men have no money and decide to set up an escort service, but it’s not as easy as they thought.

What are your recommendations?


5 thoughts on “Film Favourites

  1. mein aller erster kommentar auf deinem blog, natuerlich zum absolut richtigen thema, aber ich will nur zwei sachen klar stellen…

    1) waren wir zwei letztes jahr auch einmal im kino, dieser film wurde nicht genannt und
    2) viel und viel schlimmer: ich glaube, du hast letztes jahr in london einen kleinen indie.-film gesehen. dieser film traegt den title “reservoir dogs”, auch nicht auf deiner liste, wie kannst du mir das erklaeren???

    • Ja es ist einfach so schwierig, die Liste zu kürzen. 20 ist eh schon ziemlich lang und das hab ich sogar überschritten. Ich kann mich an den Titel von dem Film, den wir bei Kino am Dach angesehen haben nicht mehr erinnern und bin mir auch nicht ganz sicher ob er einen Platzt auf der Liste verdient hat. Er hat mir zwar sehr gut gefallen, aber er ist eben doch eher für den speziellen Geschmack. Was meinst du?

      Und Reservoir Dogs war mir zu blutig. Nicht, dass der Film schlecht ist aber ich bin eben doch eher von zarten Gemüt. (keine Ahnung ob man das so sagen kann). Bei “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” hab ich die Augen zumachen müssen und mir die Ohren auch zuhalten müssen.

      Hast du sonst noch eine Empfehlung die ich nicht kenne?

  2. Zwecks unseren gemeinamen Film bin ich der selben Meinung, auf meine Liste wuerde er auch nicht kommen und an den Namen kann ich mich auch nicht erinnern, dafuer erinnere ich mich gerade wieder, dass wir sogar zweimal im Kino waren!! =)

    Reservoir Dogs ist einfach nur gut, meine Meinung, der vielleicht beste Film ueberhaupt…

    Empfehlungen einige, aber ich mach jetzt mal ne Session mit all den oscar-nominierten Filmen, danach mehr… 😉

    PS: cooler Blog! =)

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