Films, I want to see and why

One of the nice things about being Single is that I have the absolute power over my remote control or rather DVD slot in my laptop (until I am crazy enough to put my TV screen into a frame). Here is a list of films I am planning on watching as long as the ice cold winter in London makes it less tempting to spend time outside.

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1) The Runaways

…because I want to see Dakota Fanning.

2) Made in Dagenham

…because I feel obliged to watch it as a self-declared feminist.

3) Persepolis

…because I loved Marjane Satrapi’s comic books.

4) Fish Tank

…because someone told me it’s good.

5) Cat Fish

… for the same reason

6) Candy

…because my flatmate said, I have to watch it.

7) Pulp Fiction

…because I still haven’t seen it

8) Lagerfeld Confidential 

…because I can’t get enough of him (on a pure intellectual level of course).

9) Trainspotting

… because it is British.

10) Manhatten by Woody Allen

… because I love this wonderful, little island more than anything.

11) Women without men

… because Shirin Neshat is one of my favourite artists.

12) Juno

… because I finally want to see a Teenage film that is not about Cheerleaders and Footballers.

13) A Grin without a Cat

…because I like the title.

14) I’ve loved you so long

…because it was on some Top 10 Indie Films list.

15) Le gamin au velo

…because it is french (and I like french films).

16) 10

… because it would be the first Iranian Film I watch.

17) To catch a thief

….still haven’t seen it.

18) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

… because I liked the book.

19) The Iron Lady

… because it might help with university.

20) Secretary

…because I want to see Maggie Gyllenhaal get… you know…

21) An Education

…because I like Nick Hornby.

22) Boys don’t cry

…because I want to see another film with  Chloe Sevigny.


8 thoughts on “Films, I want to see and why

  1. pulp fiction hast du auch noch nicht gesehen?? mir fehlen die worte meine liebe, warum zoegerst du noch, worauf wartest du?? =)

      • dem vielleicht groessten tarantino fan oesterreichs, er ist einfach der beste drehbuchschreiber seiner generation, ein vorbild, ein idol!! =) ist auf jedenfall ein blogeintrag wert, wenn du ihn gesehen hast!!

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