Poll Results: What you do, to make fashion more sustainable.

With a total of 75 votes I have to say a big “Thank you” to all participants. Without even taking a closer look at the results, this already shows that sustainable fashion is something on Smartfashioned-readers’ mind and that you make an effort to be informed and have your own opinion.

On top of your list was “Avoid buying stuff, that I don’t need”, quite a foggy answer but actually one of the most important things to avoid waste. According to this article there are 2,4 billion pieces of clothing in the UK that are not worn over a period of 12 months with the average UK woman spending 13, 000 pounds on clothes she never wears in a lifetime. Men are usually a little bit more efficient concerning their closets but there are also loads of unworn pieces cluttering up space in  male-owned flats. So, think before you buy and organise your closet to make sure you don’t buy something you already have.

23% of you said that buying Vintage and/or Second Hand Clothing is their contribution to make fashion lighter on the environment and spice up your wardrobes without “investing” in child labour and other unethical manufacturing practices. This might, of course not only be purely out of sustainability reasons as vintage clothes are still a huge trend and often also comes at lower prices than new clothes.

17% of you said that they are ditching “throw-away fashion” through taking care of things and having them repaired. Especially high-heels are worth repairing. To cost of fixing broken heels is only a fraction of buying new heels.

Less popular were D.I.Y. projects to upcycle things or putting your own labour into your garments. Not too surprising, as not everybody is gifted enough or has enough spare time to do that.

There is definitely growth potential for shopping at organic/fairtrade labels (4%) and supporting local brands, trying something more unconventional like “swishing” or simply borrowing or swapping clothes with friends.

It’s good to know that only 1% of you confessed that they are not doing anything (yet) to make fashion more sustainable. It looks as if there is a (new) generation of sustainable fashion supporters out there that will hopefully change fashion production in the future.


3 thoughts on “Poll Results: What you do, to make fashion more sustainable.

  1. hey.. just wanna leave some mild critism here.. i visit your site few times every week, but i totally missed the poll, and i would hav liked to partcipate.. or was this an open poll? maybe more people would have participated if it would have been more obvious?
    sori, tried my best to say it as nice as possible, just some advice for the future..
    also, want to say here, that i really like your blog, obviously, or i wouldnt check it out so often 🙂

    ps: want to learn french this semester, any advice?

    • Hey,

      It was on the Blog (to the right side) for about ten days a week ago and I also posted it twice on facebook. Sorry that you missed it :-/. Next time…
      Concerning the French lessons: I am someone, who needs to go to classes to actually do something, so I would recommend checking if your uni offers classes (although most time you have to pay, but the quality is usually better in paid-for classes). Alternatively you can also search for online courses but I strongly believe you’ll make more progress if you go to a class on a regular basis AND do the homework…:-)

      • haha interesting your the first who actually recommended an actual course.. its just that they are kinda expensive, especially for med students (150 €) in graz. so i decided to just teach me some myself, since im broke >.<
        keep up the good work on the blog, au revoir 😉

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